„A bug’s life“ – why I chose this name for my blog.

Some of you might have noticed that I am a bit into animation movies and beside the Despicable Me movies, there is a bunch of others I really enjoy.

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On of the movies i like a lot is “A Bug’s Life”. Yes, it is a movie for kids. But there is a quite nice story behind with which I identify myself:

source: pixar.wikia.com
source: pixar.wikia.com

The main character of the movie is Flik, an individualist and wannabe inventor. He lives in a colony of ants in the middle of a dried creek. The life in the colony is focused on monotonous and less creative work and conformity of the whole group. So you could imagine, Flik doesn’t enjoy that kind of life, so he is permanently trying something new and is questioning the system.

One of his experiments miserably fails and the food for the whole colony gets lost. Out of his shame, Flik is trying to convince the others to trust him and in his idea of getting new food. After long discussions the colony overcame its mistrust and decided to count on Flik.

Long story short (spoiler alert!): Flik succeeds! He rescues the whole colony and even the princess of the colony professes her love for Flik. Here is more about the plot…

Do you get why I like this story?
Because it´s about being different, being creative, it´s about the entrepreneurial spirit, but also about self-doubts, failure and trust. And all of this is part of my life (and I am sure of yours too) and a lot of the things, which happened to Flik, happened to me within the last years as well.

Daniel und Flik

So people, let’s be a bit more often like Flik: question yourself and the system, think entrepreneurial and have courage!

Last but not least, I am sorry for the late publishing of this blog post and for the shortness. The next one will be on time, I promise. And I´m going to tell you the story of launching our platform in March 2013.

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