Let the facts speak!
According to the World Bank 2015 ranking for doing business, Slovenia is currently holding the impressive 15th rank worldwide for starting a business but only 116th for getting credit (111th in 2014). Taking into account the special University education system, which was very in-depth and lasted 2 years longer than the Bologna educational system, and the high percentage of people attending University, we can quickly come to the logical conclusion that Slovenia is basically an untapped land of lots of innovative solution-driven startups, which are having trouble raising funds to grow their businesses. Other former Yugoslav countries which have had the same University education system are slowly catching up while trying to establish a startup ecosystem.

These facts explain the incredible investment funding of startups, which have raised a whopping MIO 60$ in 2014, which accounts for 30$ per capita. They also explain the rapid growth of successful crowdfunding campaigns: over $2,2 MIO in the 2 years that crowdfunding has been present in Slovenia.

We´ve listed some amazing companies, which prove that given the right access to capital and guidance, Slovenia can produce huge brands:

  • Akrapovic which are the world leaders in Titanium exhaust systems in the automotive industry,
  • Outfit7 with their Talking Friends apps which have more daily users than Facebook, over 2,7 Billion people have downloaded the app, and over 370 million are actively using them daily.
  • Riko, which make high-tech innovative housing solutions
  • Bitstamp, worlds largest Bitcoin exchange

Currently all former Yugoslav countries are in need of a systematic setup of the complete investing ecosystem with emphasis on establishing the proper investing culture and network. Slovenia wants to lead the way for new investors into this well of opportunities.

Watch out for CONDA Slovenia! We are coming very soon to give Slovenian startups the chance to finance their business.


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